Proper Cat Litter Trays: 5 Factors You Should Consider

There are numerous cat litter trays on market. The question is, how will you choose a proper one for your kitties? This selecting guide provides you with some information on how to get a right one to make both you as well as your cats satisfy. It is for certain that you will learn some new knowledge by the finish of this article.

It is an important item for cats to accomplish their everyday business. Cat owners usually look for litter trays with beautiful design and colour. However, owners should understand that cats have a comparatively high standard of their own trays, and it is important for owner to select a tray which will make cats comfortable base on their perspective.

scottish fold for sale are factors that must definitely be considered when choosing trays:

1. Types of trays:

There are different types of cat litter trays on market. In general, litter trays can be categorized into four categories, open trays, covered trays, basic trays and automatic cat litter boxes. Most cats are comfortable to use the open trays. They are relatively user-friendly, which ensures ventilation. While some cats appreciate using open litter trays, some love the privacy that covered trays provide. Owners should observe the reactions of kitties as some might feel being trapped by covered trays. For automatic cat litter boxes, most owners one or more as they are easy to clean and are hygienic, however, it’s possible that cats might get frightened by the motion and sound of this kind of trays, and may refuse to utilize them. Therefore, it is best to activate automatic litter boxes while the cats are not around.

2. Cat peeing positions:

Cat peeing position is another key factor while choosing proper cat litter trays. Usually, male cats stand up and pee, and in this case, it is better to choose covered trays with door entrance on side as a way to prevent urine spreading on ground. Normally, this situation exacerbates specifically with unneutered males. While male cats operate and pee, female cats tends to squat to pee, which cat owners think it is better to search trays for them. You will find a possibility that cat peeing position may change from time to time because of health issues, therefore owners should regularly observe their cats when doing their business. For example, changing peeing position from squatting to taking a stand might suggest bone pain, therefore cat peeing positions are worth to be viewed.

3. Breed Size / Size and Depth:

The breed size of cats is another factor that should placed into consideration. Cat owners usually raise kittens and they’ll get new cat litter trays along cats’ development. However, from cats’ perspective, a fresh tray may cause unease, or even distress. It is better to choose choose trays by taking the breed size into consideration when you first meet your kitties. For instance, Bengal cats and Norwegian Forest cats are seen as large breed, while Siamese and Scottish Fold are believed as medium breeds. Ideally, trays ought to be at least 24 inches in both width and length, and depth should be at the very least 3 inches for kittens, and 6 inches for adults.

4. Ease of Cleaning

Basic cat litter trays are simpler to clean because of the flat design, however the main issue of this sort of trays is that cats may kick out litter frequently, and this could cause additional trouble for owners.

Covered trays can avoid the issue of basic trays, but owners have to remove covers to clean the trays, also, they may become smelly and stinky both for you and your cats because of poor ventilation.

Automatic cat litter boxes requires the least effort to clean although owners still have to empty the receptacle, and waste left over still have to be scooped out.

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