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Technology has become integral to all operations _ specifically, automation technology. Everything from marketing and customer service to human resources can be automated these days. And now, kindergartens and preschools are taking the same route.

You may be thinking that no software can automate small children, and you would be correct, but software can automate the operations of the institution that takes care of them.

In fact, the global childcare management software market is expanding. The market was worth US$ 144 million in 2018 and is expected to be valued at US$ 293 million by 2027.

What does childcare management software do?

Childcare software automates the operations of daycare centers, preschool facilities, childcare centers, and afterschool centers. Functions such as scheduling, monitoring attendance, maintaining client data, communication with parents and other care providers, and keeping track of immunizations are handled by the software.

Many childcare platforms also integrate accounting, billing, marketing, and mailing features.

Benefits of using childcare management software

Childcare software considerably simplifies the daily work of daycare providers, preschool teachers, childcare centers, kindergarten teachers, aftercare centers, and any institution responsible for the care of small children. Here we list some of the more important benefits of childcare management software for childcare providers.

  1. Limits tedious administrative tasks

Childcare providers have a myriad tasks and responsibilities that need their attention, from marking attendance, gathering parents’ signatures, writing reports, preparing statements, ordering supplies, and much more, to looking after the needs of those in their charge.

In addition to taking care of children, running a daycare center requires a lot of tedious administrative tasks. The right daycare software platform can take these tasks out of your hands and free you up to do what you wanted to do in the first place: take care of and educate children.

  1. Children receive more time and attention

Probably the most important benefit of daycare software is the fact that centers save time on administrative tasks – time that teachers and caregivers now can spend with the children in their charge.

Automating administrative tasks frees up the time of teachers and care providers so they can focus on the education and development of the children in their care.

  1. Ensures accurate attendance tracking

It is extremely important for childcare centers to have accurate real-time attendance records. With manual attendance, errors often slip in, while digital sign-ins record immediately when a parent has signed that they have dropped off or picked up their child. This information can also be used to determine the optimal use of classrooms.

  1. Happier staff

Because staff members are no longer torn between giving attention to children and doing administrative tasks, they can focus and be more productive. The fact that they can focus on their primary task, helps them to achieve their teaching goals, which provides job satisfaction and reduces stress levels.

  1. Enhances communication with parents

Childcare providers and parents can be in regular contact with each other through the daycare software that allows emailing, and instant messaging. If anything comes up at school with a child, the center can immediately inform the parents. Parents can also inform daycare centers of any change of plans or matters concerning their child.

Regular communication fosters a working relationship between parents and those taking care of their children. It also keeps parents involved in their child’s life at school.

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The Virtuclock solution

Virtuclock is a simplified childcare management solution. This cloud-based software solution was built by Alex Cher who has first-hand experience of running a daycare. He created Virtuclock to solve the challenges childcare providers face on a daily basis, especially late pick-ups and communication with parents.

Parents who are consistently late to pick up their children create all sorts of problems for schools and care centers. It disrupts the school program, and moreover, it affects their child’s sense of security and belonging. Small children can feel abandoned when they are often left alone while everyone else has been fetched.

Virtuclock tracks the time children spend at school and send out reminders and invoices to parents who are often late to pick up their children.

Could-based benefit

Cloud-based child management software has several advantages over installed software. Teachers, caretakers, and administrators don’t need to be at their desks to access school records. They can work on any device, anywhere, whenever necessary.

Childcare management SaaS solutions like Virtuclock only require access to the internet to work on a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Virtuclock was built to make the lives of teachers and caretakers at a pre-K, aftercare, school, or church easier.

This childcare management software solution has outstanding benefits that have made it a favorite with hundreds of schools across the US.

  • Virtuclock is user-friendly and easy to learn and use, helping to make the running of schools and childcare centers effortless.
  • The software helps to streamline administrative tasks, handling student enrollments, automating late fees, doing timesheet records, tracking payments, and generating reports.
  • The self-check-in kiosk and time tracking system allow for contactless check-ins of children by their parents with their signatures and keep track of attendance and time spent at school.
  • The system helps centers and schools to stay in communication with parents through announcements and notifications, as well as broadcast text and email messaging to groups and individual parents.

Whether you are in charge of a few students or hundreds, Virtuclock has an affordable pricing system for you. It’s straightforward and completely risk-free. What’s more, a free trial is on offer, plus free setup, training and support.

The company prides itself in its personalized customer service, which has earned them the appreciation of numerous customers. At Virtuclock, personalized service means in-person replies to requests even after hours and on weekends.

If you want to run a paperless setup and keep track of students, parents, and payments, and want to do it effortlessly, Virtuclock is the childcare management software solution for you.



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